Chapter 21 – Duel in the Castle

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There is a pun below. I tried to make it funny but I give up in the end so it was translated literally. If there is a line you didn’t get, that is probably it.

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「The military situation does not seem to change.」

I came to the headquarters while eating orc meat burgers cooked by Colette.

Orc meat is sandwiched in a bread. It is already delicious as it is but I would like it better if it has mayonnaise.

「Well, I have already prepared it, so it will be easier to attack from the other side.」

In the tent,  Lyle-sensei is staring at the war simulation board diagram with a dauntless smile.

Even though it’s for military purposes, each piece is elegantly made like a shogi piece.

You don’t need to build anything fancy here… As a store owner, I think this is marketable.

Since sensei creates it with magic, mass production cannot be done so it will not be sold cheaply.

Well, as I heard from the sensei, binoculars doesn’t exist in this world (lenses are valuable items). If you sell it as battlefield equipment, you can sell it higher.

I’m still a businessman even after peace has recovered.

Even today, Lyle-sensei’s face looks beautiful, but when you look closely you will see black under those beautiful brown eyes.

「Sensei, did you asleep? 」

「I napped a little a short while ago so it’s okay.  Preparation was fun so I couldn’t sleep.」

Oh, I think I have seen such face. It’s the look of a gamer.

If I’m in the present-day Japan, I think Lyle-sensei will be a guild master of an MMO by all means.

「Well, General」

Lyle-sensei then modeled the military shogi figure to that of the City of Ox.

「The strategy is simple, discontinue the bombardment, and then set up fences and traps around the castle as this.」

「Oh, pitfalls?」

I like pitfalls sensei.

Orcs on the road were knocked down with that.

「Please expect that it will be wonderful. We’ll dig it for the undead. Unfortunately we don’t have a cleric.」

As our soldiers are mostly former farmers, there is hardly a priest or a wizard with useful skills.

Well, what happened to the story of the Prime Minister’s dispatch of high priests from the church? There is none at all.

「Oh, I have some holy water.」

A while ago, a sister whose head had its screw broken came to the store. I recall that she gave me holy water. Because there was no opportunity to use it at all, there are still a lot left.

「Keep it for now and use it if the time comes.」

「Will that time come? 」

The general’s turn will come, it is near. Though they have been telling me that for a while.

The player that is called a secret weapon will end up as secret weapon.

「I‘ll stay silent about what I do not need to say, I will not lie.」

「Do you say by yourself? 」

「Fufufu, well Takeru, you don’t need to worry, there is “if”.」

Lyle-sensei says with a bit serious face.

「There should be a pollutant source in this town that is overflowing with zombies. Although there is no problem considering a job related to zombie, there is a risk of a zombie master or a ghost-using necromancer. I’m making a strategy for it. 」

「That won’t be a joke. I wish that there is no opportunity for me to use it.」

Zombie master and necromancer. It’s obviously a middle boss class.

When such a thing comes out, our side will have multiple casualties.

Was it luxury to complain about being bored?

—Scene Change—

In the morning, a siege battle to the city of Ox began.

The area around the city was fenced in advance. We lure the zombies in the city outside and drop them to the pitfall the soldiers dug. They are former farmer so the construction is good.

Soldiers, equipped with spears, poke the zombies while being protected by fences. Louise’s cavalry corps pushes them like a wave. They are dropped in the pit.

There are no conspicuous marks in the pitfalls, so if you make a mistake your ally may fall.

It was a quiet but tense battle.

「But this pitfall is wonderful.」

Below the deep hole, sharp pile of wood crawls, the fallen zombies are skewered.

The moment one fell in a thing like this, I shudder.

Real fantasy is gruesome.

「There is also a theory that a tree stake is effective against zombies. I did my best to make it.」

Lyle-sensei personally help digging pitfalls. He even use magic.

I’m really thankful but you also have to direct the battle.

In addition, sensei said that I should not be rough to people.

Don’t be too much competent sensei.

「Ah, Takeru. Be careful of the pitfall even if you’re wearing your mythrill hauberk. It will not instantly kill you if you fall but it will be painful.」

「Yes, I’m sorry……」

He perceived me by the thought ‘hey let’s look at fighting zombies in the front line’?

Their movement are slow though seems to be strong. I think that even if I’m alone, I can manage.

「You don’t need to rush, there is much work for the triumphant general after it enters the city.」

「No more speech please.」

I am not good at speaking in front of people.

Why do I have such a role …

「We had dropped them since it is necessary to bury the zombies. If you want to help with the burial, please say it anytime. 」


It is probably good, but this is too simple for an actual war.

Whether the primitive attack will be effective for the opponent who is difficult to attack by guns, opponents are impaled and buried alive(zombies are already dead though).

Louise is running around the battlefield with her cavalry. The job of attracting enemy is flashy, but that is impossible for me.

「General, the city zombie clean up is complete. Let’s try to get inside carefully.」

Finally, I also enter the town from collapsed gate with a tense face.


When I entered the city, orcs and goblins came out from hiding.

Did they run away from the rain of bombardment?

However, it is not a big number. They become prey from the salvo of the gunman corps.

「It’s bad……」

Lyle-sensei clutches his short cane wand with a tense face.

「Well, it was an easy victory.」

「It’s different. The fact that other monsters aren’t seized by zombies means there is a boss that’s causing it.」

「I see, so there is a big boss inside.」

「Let’s quickly deploy artillery corps, we will proceed carefully.」

Louise ordered the cavalry to send the message.

「If there is a boss, it’s over there, right? 」

I point to the old castle where the spire in the back of the city broke.

Whatever you think, that is obviously suspicious.

「Okay, I have a strategy so please proceed as instructed.」

—Scene Change—

「FUHAHAHA! The foolish knight from the royal capital came.」

I, Lyle-sensei, Louise, and my personal guard corps which compose of the slave girls and Sara-chan’s volunteer corps, entered the old castle where the spire broke down.

Red carpet leading to the audience ahead seems like telling us to advance. A plate mail-wearing zombie, who had turned his black cloak over, was waiting.

「What’s this situation tend to be.」

The deja vu is cruel. Isn’t it against the game going straight to an RPG boss fight.


Lyle-sensei looked at the face of the zombie and had a nasty look on her face.

It is unusual for a teacher to reveal such emotion.

「What is it? 」

「That zombie is an old acquaintance of me and Louise. The Baron of the Ambazak territory. I heard he was missing after the territory fall… 」

「Did you mean that even after turning into a zombie he’s still acting as the feudal lord? 」

「He is… And believe it or not he became a zombie master.」

「Ignoring me and saying foolish things! I am a zombie, Baron Louz Ambazak Ox!」

The zombie baron whose head is cracked and half rots is swaying the sword and is angry.

「Oh, these are faces that I’ve seen in the royal capital. Knight Louise and Secretary Lyle? 」

After finding an acquaintance, the baron’s mood got better.

He seem to be showing off by winding his mantle around his body.

Perhaps his brain is now rotten.

「Oh, it’s been a long time Baron Louz. You died and became a zombie master.」

Does Lyle-sensei intends to prolong the story? Courteous greeting is returned.

Louise has a painful look with the miserable end of her acquaintance. Holding her head silently with her hand.

Lyle-sensei says that he is a zombie master because he is a zombie that can revive the corpse of a dead man to zombies and use it.

It is stronger than a zombie carrier that eats people to spread infection, but it is not a terrible enemy compared to a necromancer or a lich who uses nasty magic.

However, the monsters here are strengthened with magic because the Miasma Hole of Doom is quite close.

「HaHa, Secretary. Could you stop using common title master to refer me? I am undoubtedly the baron of this territory. I at least would like you to call me Zombie Lord.」

***TN: He said master in English.***

「Is that so……」

Lyle-sensei is disgusted. He is trembling seriously.

Lyle-sensei who doesn’t get agitated easily is now agitated due to the zombie baron.

「You seem to be triumphant to the extent that you have defeated my zombies, but it is sweet.」

「No, if you are the lord, please help the citizens.」

I was awfully curious.

「Kukuku. If it were the old days, I would have done so. However, I am already a zombie lord. It is possible to revive them no matter how many times they die.」

「I see ……」

I have been convinced instinctively.

Anyhow, its logic was reduced to a monster.

If I don’t properly took care of the zombies that fell in the pitfall, they’ll revive again.

「Fufufu, that’s right, that’s right. In particular, my gray brain cell seems sharp today.」

「… … or, there is a hole in my head, is it not? 」

Oh, it was ignored.

「Certainly, my territory collapsed due to the Miasma Hole of Doom, but now that I receive immortality as a zombie lord. Now the Miasma Hole of Doom gives me infinite power . There is no fearfulness in me already. 」

「… … you are not immortal. You no longer live.」

Unfortunately it seems that he will not answer.

「That way, the powerless Kingdom of Silesie hounds us! 」

In a voice filled with anger, the zombie baron shouts.

「Although you have come to blatantly subjugate me, it is good. You’ll become zombie and be the people of my territory. 」

「Oh, the baron who became a zombie has his opinion too……」

「Takeru, do not be convinced of that strange thing.」

No, because he became a zombie.

Turn everyone into a zombie while having a defiant attitude. Moreover, this might be a job of a noble.

He is an enemy so I have to knock him down. Having a grudge against the kingdom that did not help until turning into this. I understand how he feels.

「Come, my four heavenly kings!」

Four bodies shows up; Ogre Lord, Orc Lord, Goblin Chief, and Kobold Magician.

I think that it is a strong party as it is.

Ah, really, I wanted to collect four on the road, but I only got two, so there is a sense I’ve tried adding two more with the numbers.

However, take a look at this.

What is the sense to stick with such people’s big four?

It may be the one which imagines “dead person” by “four people” only an undead.

If so, it can be said that it is good.

「That baron has been slightly interesting.」

「What is it? If it is good I’d like you to say it.」

「Why did the baron call his subordinate four heavenly kings? Isn’t it strange for a king to be a subordinate of the baron?」

「Ah! 」

The baron was holding his head.

Because it is rotten, if you hold it strongly, it will come off.

「Is everything okay, zombie baron…. 」

Maybe I was slightly sorry.

He do not want anyone to thrust right into it.

「Um, I’m sorry, my head hurts. I seem to have said something wrong.」

The baron pulled himself together again.

It’s infinite life force indeed.

「These guys are my Four Majo! 」

「So why are you so particular about four……」

As expected, it seems that we cannot stall any more time.

The baron gave an order and the black mantle changed.

「Now, this will be a fine gift to the underworld, impudent striplings! It is good that you’ll be the first food of a legend.」

Uwa, Is this the beginning of combat?

「Fugija · Angulara Mogyara! 」

In response to the decree of the zombie baron, the cane-wielding kobold magician with a non-translatable scroll cast a spell of a fiery fire.

Oi oi, that is a gradual mistake.

Because the weak point of zombies is flame, if it’s burning, the baron can’t go out to the front.

Unlike fireball magic, it is an uncontrolled flame so it burns up everywhere.

Don’t cast spells in the castle! Stupid bastard!

Didn’t the red carpet which seems expensive burn?

「Water as the root of all things, become a raging stream, push demons! 」

Lyle-sensei instantly shook a short stick wand and kept the flame under the rigid water magic.

While the fire is being extinguished, the orc lord and the ogre lord attacked Louise.

They seem to know who is instinctively the strongest.

Louise slash the short sword that she had on her left hand against the orc lord, and cuts the ogre lord with a saber sword on her right hand.

A lightning like sharp slash of Louise trembles the air. The giant ogre lord sets up its large sword and caught it.

Brandishing an iron halberd, the orc lord did not budge even if its shoulder was slashed by a short sword and swings at Louise.

But Louise is quick, by the time halberd’s blade arrives, she has already swung back to the side after swinging the straight sword.

Louise seems to be able to manage even if the opponent are two lord level monsters reinforced with miasma.

「Be careful, these guys are stronger than usual! 」

I do not need to tell that to Louise though.

Because these are enemies that appeared in such situation, they’re strength is not the same as usual.

However,  the giant spear-wielding goblin chief with gaudy decorations moved slowly, it seems that he not much of an enemy.

The gunman corps shoot it in all directions and was suppressed while having no achievement.

Baron’s Four Majo.

It isn’t known how strong they are, but isn’t this a war which cooperation should be executed?

Now, the opponent, as expected…….

「After a long time, it is fun finding an opponent who understands the real meaning. Stripling, it is good that you’ll be the first food of a legend!」

As expected, the zombie baron stabs a sword towards me.

I’m at the same level as my opponent whose brain is rotten because I can communicate with it.

「Baron, no matter how good it is, don’t use the same line twice! 」

My iron sword and the baron’s sword collides, grit and sparks fly.

It is difficult to understand why instead of rotting, I’m receiving great sword pressure.

The strength of the blow of the zombie baron numbs my hand.

Indeed, this is different from small fry monsters.

The opponent is not lacking!

It was finally set in the old castle, the fantasy boss fight finally begins.



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