Chapter 23 – Third Grade Hero Certification

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「What is it Takeru? 」

The stone fortress City of Ox.

The big open room which was an audience of the zombie baron.

So, before me who is in charge of political affairs, the evangelist nun Lia is coming.

Boy member of my personal guard corps, Miruko-Kun, has a face that want to abandon the role  and go out of the room.

When he goes out, I’ll follow.

「No, it’s this story…. I thought this story is still going on.」

Don’t add and subtract long scene and then get going in the end anyway.

How long do I have to talk to Lia.

「Rather Takeru, are there no more questions about heroes? The delight of becoming a hero is fine……」

「No, since somehow I got to be a hero now. There seems to have been no ritual, and my body has not changed.」

When saying so, Lia knelt seeming to apologize.

「I’m sorry. If it is a cleric with higher rank , the ankh will shine brightly, angel with doves fly down, and there are various flashy production. To me who was able to take only the third grade hero recognition class, it won’t happen.」

「Oh, you don’t have to worry about it.」

I have a bad feeling.

「There is no choice but to take off already…」

「No, stop that kind of joke in front of Miruko! 」

I don’t know what kind of bad reputation I’ll have.

Even though I’m already called General Choro.

I mean, wait.

I was spoofed in by the story of the hero.

The matter you mentioned a little while ago, Why do you want to take it off Lia? There is no explanation at all.

「Ah, it is the ability of the hero, but you can put out a sword from your hand.」

「Really? 」

Is it a magician that you can put out a sword from your hands?

「There are various kinds of spells, legends, etc., but in reality those doesn’t matter. Please imagine a strong sword and shout.」

Eh? Don’t you need an incantation to cast that sort of spell?

Somehow, Lia was talking about that for a while.

Oh well,  I’d like to try it…

「Make, oh, then, the…… Hokushin Itto-ryu heart and star king sword!」

It made a loud noise and a sword of light appeared in my hand.

Every time it is shaken, an artificial pale blaze makes you think of it as a stellar twinkling.

「This is the image of the sword of the Hero Takeru, is it not? 」

「Oh, but for the time being I will devise the shape a bit more.」

The image of mine is improved more and it was made to shape like a blade.

It’s wonderful, it’ll follow my image.

「You should be able to use special spells exclusively for heroes but …」

「Ah, my magic power is zero so I can’t use it.」

Lyle-sesei already said that I don’t have magic power.

Well, I’m already thankful with the light sword alone. I now believe the story of the hero certification.

「I’m sorry. I must apologize my hero, for not being able to use the spells.」


「Please stop it! Don’t put your hands on the robe! 」


「Is there no further benefit for heroes? 」

When talking to Lia, summarizing only the main points is what I want as it will be long.

「Will this suffices as privilege? A beautiful sister pledges her lifelong love to the hero and attend him for a lifetime. 」

「It’s not a benefit, is it not a curse…? 」

「It is not.  When holy water is necessary, please always push and give it to me.」

Are you kidding?

That’s also a joke.

Let’s say it is a joke.

A strange sister became a companion. An absurd story that I became the hero of the sword of light.

How shall I speak with everyone? I am terribly worried.

Miruko – kun, a nearby guard who witnessed everything, spread the rumor so I had to explain it.

—Scene Change—

There is a reason why I had favor with him after the death of Baroness Louz.

It is an old castle where the spire has collapsed, but the first floor of the foundation has a feeling that most of it was undamaged and could be used as it was.

There, I have found a cool stuff.

A large bathroom made of stone.

In the dressing room, there were even expensive mirrors that are produced limitedly in this world.

Although it is a regrettable thing that it did not lead to the idea of placing a mirror up to the inside of the bathroom, it can be considered sufficient.

It is probably because the City of Ox has plenty of stone and wood. A wonderful public bath was made.  As a human being of this age, we have to praise him as a man of great sensitivity.

It is regrettable to think that I will never meet the baron alive and talk about the greatness and comfort of the bath.

A man like a bath becomes a zombie, what a tragedy.

I am not a believer of Goddess Asama and I do not know if I am going to heaven or hell, but I pray that there is a big bath there.

Although the baron’s souvenir is a sure thing, even if I confirmed that water could be pulled and burned from the nearest fountain, I did not immediately enter myself.

From the soldiers who engaged in the reconstruction of the city and the men who take the initiative in taking a lot of work, I decided to take a bath slowly and have them rest for a while.

At first they were pleasantly surprised and they were satisfied as they noticed the comfort of soap and bath soon.

Were very grateful. This will be a prior investment.

It is a future plan, but I intend to disseminate the bath culture itself as a sale, including not only soap, but also bathtubs and hand pumps.

Taking myself as a contributor, I successfully  collected a good quality ammonium nitrate found in the cave near the town, basically fruit bat droppings. I was delighted to the point of crying when I soaked in a bath as a reward.

Well, after various people immersed in the bath, I secretly replaced hot water and enjoyed the bath alone.

「Fuh, mission complete.」

TN: He said “mission complete” in english

Tastily rise from the bath, dressed in a bathrobe, drinking victory ice coffee chilled at the dressing room.

The reason why I took such a trouble is that recently there are too many troubles with bathing.

It is not a flag, the bathroom was steeped in quiet.

I do not think it’s a love comedy. I thought about it before I came to a different world, but trouble really happens if I have an environment with lots of girls around in a bathroom.

When I was going to take a bath suddenly, I anticipated flags coming in with Sharon or Lia if I incorrectly entered (I may be thinking too much).

That is why I left a little step.

「Oh, are you here master? 」

「Ou!! 」

Look, as she talked, Sharon came into the dressing room.

It is fantasy whether such thing can happen in sync.

「Did you possibly enter the bathroom? 」

「Yeah, I got it ahead of you.」

「It is cruel….」


Why is that?

「Master promised me to let me wash your hair. Do you not know how much I expected it when I heard that there is a bath! 」

Oh, is that an appointment?

I thought that it was an ad-hoc conversation.

「Oh!  My bad… then again, maybe next time. It was a nice hot bath, Sharon should also come in.」


Someone obviously seems to be in a bad mood, an animal ear is turned down.

I fled quickly.

I’m not bad. I’m already an adult so I can wash my own hair.

—Scene Change—

It’s a big bed.  Another goodwill from Baron Louz.

I can use the best room in the castle, the baron’s bedroom. This is also wonderful.

With a big big bed, you can toss and turn over again.

To what extent this is luxurious? I know the severity of this world I am deeply impressed to the way of living of royal and nobles.

Well, I do not think I’m at war with monsters.

You can sleep slowly by putting smooth silk sheets on the soft bed.

It would be the best.

Being able to do such a good living in this age, the baron gained greatly.

Wood and stone are valuable building materials of this era, so it probably was doing well.

I  wish I had met him before alive. It is really regrettable. I could have been excited about the story of business.

「What’s wrong Sharon? 」

I got into the bath and when I thought about going to bed slowly, Sharon came to my bed.

For some reason, Sharon is in cotton underwear form.

With her very thin outfit, growth is visible(How to say it, because she becomes senior to me). I am a bit taken aback. I wonder if she is going to go to bed after bathing.

People in this age doesn’t have pajamas. It is not amusing even if sleeping in such an appearance.

「Today, slave girl personal guard corps decided to escort master in the bedroom.」

「Huh ….」

What do you mean?

「Of course, I will not do rudeness such as the slave enters master’s bed.  It is excellent here, I will sleep.」

After saying such, Sharon sprawled on the stone pavement in the room.

「Oi! 」

Do you not think that your body will get cold when you take a bath.

If a girl cools a lower back, it’s useless.

I rushed out of bed, rise up and make Sharon stand up from a bed.

「How should it be done? 」

「No, I do not need an escort when I am asleep. I have my own room, so please go to bed.」

Also, Sharon lying on the stone pavement making a rolling over sound.

I don’t hear that ,it’ll be so……

「OK then, sleep at the edge of the bed.」

「Master, thank you! 」


Sharon is in an undergarment appearance, it might be interesting.

Not only are the beast ears standing but you can see the tiny orange tail swaying in the buttocks.

If I saw a tail swaying quietly, I could not say it was no good.

Though it has already died, when I am small I have kept dogs.

It usually slept in my house.

Before I knew it, it slept by rolling down at the bottom of my bed.

I wondered what the dog thought at that time.

Were you lonely or did you want to be with me more?

It always seems.

I regretted that I should have loved it more before it dies.

So, I will sleep and turn off the lights.

Sharon who should have been sleeping on the edge, did not say anything when it stuck to me unintentionally.

I am not a child anymore, but I thought that she was a dog and should be cherished ….

「….. It might be impossible.」

If this is a dog, there is no big soft chest, no hips, and smell of a girl who just took a bath.

I can endure today, but it is quite hard to keep this going on everyday.

Too much sleep disturbance.

Su-ssu, It is confirmed that Sharon is quietly setting up breathing of a sleeper.

I remove the hand and foot around which is twined and a little, move to the end of a bed.

Finally I can sleep, I think she will come back little by little until I realize it again.

I hit a soft one and I can’t move.

「Master …」

I heard a sweet voice at my ear.

Stop, because I’m thrilled.

It’s bad even if I woke you up.

I beg you, please part a little more.

But what is this soft sensation, Sharon’s arm, thighs, breasts?

With my poor experience value, I can’t think of a remedy.

Do not think about it anymore, do not think about anything.

「Shikisokuzekū, kūsokuzeshiki」

While saying a prayer to the Buddha, it took some time but somehow I manage to sleep.

Is this also part of the severity of real fantasy?

For inexperienced people, the world is not sweet.

No, correction, it is too sweet and stifling.



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