Status of Takeru and His Companions to the Third Chapter

Chapter 3-7


○ Takeru

Level:  Unknown

Job:     Unknown

Skill:    Aura Circle Lv.5 (new)

Talent:  Unknown

○ Eclair

Level:  31

Race: Elf

Job:     Spirit User

Skill:    Air Barrett Lv.1

Air Blow Lv. 1

Air Tornado Lv. 3

Air Blast Lv. 4(new)

Enchant Air Lv. 2

Accel Move Lv. 2

Protection Air Lv. 2

Unique talent: Heaven-sent Child of Wind(New)

○ Feene

Level:  15

Race: Foxkin

Job:     None

Skill:    Flame Barrett Lv. 1

Frost Flame Lv. 3

Flame Bomb Lv. 2(New)

Enchant Flame Lv. 2(New)

Common Talent: Fire Fox


○ Leiria von Istria

Level:  16

Race: Human

Job:     Magician

Skill:    Aqua Barrett Lv.1

Aqua Ring Lv.1

Aqua Wall Lv.2 (New)

Common Talent: The person loved by water

○ Ordega

Level:  25

Race: Human

Job:     Warrior

Skill:    War Cry Lv.2

Heavy Strike Lv.2 (new)

Step In Lv.1

Common Talent: Impregnable Defense



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