Chapter 53 – Introduction of Guild Members and Side Characters

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Ren Ren (Renjin Yanase) Guild Master

High Human, Magic Swordsman

Black hair reaching up to his eyes. Tall handsome guy.

His beloved sword is his Coupon Sword(made of orichalcum)

Wearing light armor made of black dragon scales and leather.

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Eleanor, the first guild member to be created

High Human, Magic Swordsman

Long blonde hair up to her back.

Slim but has a firm chest.

Wears white dress.

Weapon is a sword with wavy blade(Flamberge)

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Mira, fifth character to be created

Dark Dwarf, alchemist

Height does not reach 140 cm. Slender.

Black hair, black eyes. Jesus, loli-god.

Wears light brown leather armor.

Weapon of choice; mace or morning star

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Sainos, male

Dog Beastkin, Sword King

Tall. Long black hair and dark skin.

Wears light armor over his dark blue kimono like clothes.

Weapon – sword

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Sedeia, Female

Dark Elf, Assassin

Taller than the main character.

Skin is considerable dark, black hair.

Chest is OK.

Wears light silver armor over her black leather clothes.

Weapon – Knives

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Sunny, Female

High Elf, Sage

150 cm. Slim.

Short blond hair, pale golden eyes.

Flat chested.

White robe.

Weapon is a mithril wand.

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Lagreat, male

Dragonkin, monk

Handsome boy with blonde hair and red eyes.

He looks like a junior high school student.

Wears black dragon leather armor(self supplied?)

About 10 meters if in dragon form.

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Cartas, Male

Demonkin, Samurai General

Narrow squeaky face, raven black hair and mustache

Middle-aged (like Sean Connery)

Wears black dragon leather like kimono

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Rosa, female

Demonkin, shinobi

Wavy long red hair.

Wears black dragon leather like kimono

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Laurel, Male

Dog Beastkin, Holy Knight

Long brown hair that it tied in the back.

Drooping eyes. His ears are hidden in his hair.

Silver Full plate mail.

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Verossa, female

Human, dancer

Soft, bright red hair.

Wears a white gilet with transparent frills and a red tutu shape like spread out skirt.

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Soarer, female

Fox beastkin, priest

Long black hair. Big triangular ears on her head.

Wears a blue clothes with white pattern which looks like it is made from a soft material and has a long haired tail on her back. She has an erotic body and her body features are emphasized even on top of her clothes.

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Dion, male

Demonkin, assassin

Gray hair, butler clothes

Poisonous tongue.

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Proudia, female

High Human, assassin

Head maid.

Tall and has a long silver hair.

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Maid Corps (10 people)

All of them are wearing a matching maid clothes.

Height is roughly 145cm to 155cm.

Everyone’s slim. Hair is from short to semi long.

Everyone has a distinctly different hair color and face, but the atmosphere from the distant eye is similar, giving a sense of unity. All are female.

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Milenia, female, 200th guild member

High Human, Archer

Shoulder length, dark brown hair

Beautiful woman who wears a kimono and with droopy eyes.

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Camry, Male

Dwarf, blacksmith

Bearded face.

Leather armor.

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Human, architect

Pale-complexioned. Tall and thin

Black long hair. Okama-chan.

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Nest, male

Human, Bard

Blonde hair all the way from his back

Middle-aged man in a tuxedo.

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Delta, male

Elf, Summoner

Slim, blue hair. Fellow’s twin

Brown robe.

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Fellow, female

Elf, Summoner

Slim, blue hair. Delta’s twin

Brown robe.

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Grado Village

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Denma, Village Chief

Dan, main character’s subordinate.

Miera, Dan’s wife

Sherry, main character’s future apprentice

Keema, 1 of those who guarded Sherry

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The Second City of the Margrave Territory, Ramblas

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Adventurer’s Guild

Bart, Guild Master

El Rand, Elf adviser

Keins, male guild staff

Miria, receptionist

Ran, receptionist

Wolf, B rank adventurer

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Margrave Territory Nobles

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Earl Villiers St. Warms Fitzyi

Baron Bowarei, domestic animal

Knight Commander Zackson, earl’s subordinate

General Dennis Hoover, Border’s stationed commander

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