IFANIAW Title Change

The author changed the title from “After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week” to “The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week”.

Author Name: Mitsuru Inoue a.k.a. Nyūsankin

Reason: Light Novel

I’m excited to see the illustrations.

I’ll change the title starting tomorrow.


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  1. Hope the LN will be available on PH. I want to experience reading LN from handbook. Thanks for the info! 😄 By the way Translator-sama. I tried checking the raw version of this WN are you going to translate the Extra Edition [2chapters] as well? Before going back to present story? I tried reading the Extra Edition from the given raw link with Google Translate but it’s not really that interesting.

      • I see. I just read the two Extra Edition chapters and chapter 84 but since chapter 84 is the main story i didn’t tried to understand it. Anyway thanks for the reply! Looking forward on chapter 84! 😄

  2. I will be happy to purchase and share, as I rather enjoy this one. I am appreciating your efforts at this, and very thankful for the enjoyable read. Providing the novel once its available would be my way of saying thank you.

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