Arc 1 Chapter 2 – Different World Travel 2

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The forefoot scratches the ground making a sound. Its movement seems like it’s holding out its place.

Its shiny dark purple fur is reflecting the light of the sun.

The distance is approximately 10 meters. That’s still a little distant.

There is no choice but to escape —

Even if my head knows what to do, my body is not listening.

What is that existence…?

Don’t ask me.

It seems to be pretty dangerous.

No…maybe not, that is…

This is the first time in Taichi and Kanade’s lives that they received clear malicious intent from another party.

What being directed to them now is bloodlust. Those are the eyes of a predator targeting a prey. Should he say that?

That huge living thing has a dangerous atmosphere is about the size of a small bus. It has sharp fangs and a sword like horn.

Thinking about it, terror can be slightly felt.

BRRRRRRRR—– it snorted and that sound beats the earlobes of the two intensely.

I didn’t notice that such a huge creature is approaching here. How much distracted we were to have not noticed it in this prairie that has a plain view.

If we were to look for a similar place on Earth, the savanna in africa would be first on the list. The carnivorous animals there are lions, hyenas, and jackals. There might be others that I particularly don’t know of too. Although I have knowledge about them, I never experience how dangerous they are.

Well, this is not the Earth. Should I deny such assumption?

Shouldn’t I have thought about the possibility of such a crisis to occur?

Taichi clicks his tongue for not being vigilant.

That is something hard to swallow no matter how you think it is.

He can’t see any visions of survival.

It looks like a horse.

As far as Taichi is concerned, a horse can run long distances that is not comparable to human beings and its speed can reach twice as the fastest human in the world. If you want to compete with one, you should have a least a moped motorcycle. If you want to outrun it, you may want an off-road motorcycle or a four-wheel SUV. No matter how you think it is, it is not something you should compete with on foot.

It is obviously bigger than the horses Taichi and Kanade knows but they are certain that it will be faster than they are. No, we should not be in our common sense in this situation.

He took a glance at Kanade for an instant.

The worst case scenario, she has to escape by herself—-

I reached the conclusion that I should be that thing’s decoy.

It means that I’ll throw Kanade into an unknown world.

Maybe it would be easier to die here.

Still, the feeling of keeping his best friend alive did not change.

If she stays alive, help will surely come. Kanade is strong. She stronger than any woman I have met so far. I sure she’ll survive in this world even if she can’t understand its language. And even if she’s alone, she can return to earth.

To do that, I have to buy some time. It will not end in just one gulp. Kanade should escape while it is preying on Taichi. Hopefully, it will eat me slowly.

I thought that far and shuddered.

I already accepted my position to be eaten but I can’t even imagine what kind of pain is waiting for me.

They are glaring at each other.

Taichi and Kanade can’t move.

The purple horse doesn’t move.

It that stalemate, Taichi clearly saw it. The moment the horse fold both feet and put power into its body.


The horse kicked the ground and came out at a speed I didn’t expect.

It is fast. I don’t think it’s just a horse.

Damn it!

What Taichi did was something he didn’t think of.


I embraced Kanade who became stiff and jumped on the side with all my might.

Taichi felt the various soft spots of Kanade. His hand is even gripping her butt but it is unreasonable to call him a molester in this situation. Even Taichi himself is not enjoying the feeling at all.

The horse runs through the place they were at a high speed as if it was flying and they managed to jump out of there in a hair’s breadth. The effect they received, Taichi and Kanade rolled about three meters.

We’re saved because we’re on a ground. If this was asphalt….No, I shouldn’t think about it.

The reason is that the horse, which stopped running for about 20 meters away from them, is slowly turning to them again.


With a face dyed in surprise, Kanade looks up at Taichi. She doesn’t seem to tremble. She’s just surprised by that sudden event, right?

We manage to survive the first attack….but, what shall we do next?

We don’t have any leeway.

They don’t have any plan to breakthrough. Although things might be different if I have a shotgun but I never touched such a thing, much less knowledge in shooting. The most I can use is a survival gun which is an air gun. Even if he had a shotgun, Taichi, who never had an experience shooting firearms, doesn’t have any confidence to properly handle it.

The horse is coming closer slowly.

Even though it was walking that way, Taichi and Kanade both can’t move.

They just experienced how much speed that horse can run.

That horse will speed up at a dash as soon as they turn their backs on it. It will be equivalent to suicide so even if they want to escape, they can’t run away.

Of course, the situation won’t get any better if they just stare at the horse.

They are just delaying their moment of death.

The horse which had approached them to a certain speed since a while ago stopped walking there. The eyes looking at the two peacefully are unlike the eyes that are looking at them with bloodlust earlier.

Although it is impossible for Taichi and Kanade to think of it, the horse is kind of sadistic. It has a not so good hobby of immersing itself in pleasure of abusing the weak.

For Taichi who didn’t realize even a dew of it, the time of hellish fear is just continuing.

After a while.

Taichi conveyed his idea to Kanade.

I’ll be a decoy. Kanade should take that chance to escape.

Eh? No. What are you talking about? You’re going to die.

Please understand. Or both of us will die.

That is … … but you can’t. I’ll be the decoy. Taichi should run away.

That’s not good. Give me a chance to be a man for the last moment.

I hate it.

You’re not a kid anymore so do what I say.

I won’t!

To Kanade’s strong words of denial, Taichi instinctively opened his eyes wide and removed his glance from the horse.

Kanade had a face dyed red in anger.

Her face and eyes are tinted with anger so…he can no longer talk about the breakthrough plan.

However, Taichi decided to convey his utmost feelings. That’s all he can do for Kanade.

…..Mou, we’ll die.

You understand it, right?

Because either of us becomes the decoy, we’re in a situation where the other one will unlikely survive too.

The eyes that both don’t yield intertwined.

Don(SFX), the sound of something hitting the ground strongly disturbed the consciousness of the two of them.

The horse that they unexpectedly leave out is hitting the ground to take their attention.

It seems to be irritated as its snort is getting rough.

This is the time to decide.

Goodbye, Kanade.


After stroking the head of his confused best friend, Taichi ran towards the horse.

Hey you bad horse! I’m here….eat this!!

I quickly picked up the stone I found on my way and threw it with everything I have.

I threw the stone with all my power. Because he originally has good reflexes, the stone flies with good velocity and control that even people inexperienced with baseball will say that it’s a splendid pitch.

Gatsu(SFX), with a dull sound, the stone hits the neck of the horse.


In this situation, that result is splendid that I couldn’t help but praise it.

However, although it can be said that it is natural, it doesn’t seem to work at all.

I don’t care how little the effect is. Still, the minimum result Taichi is aiming for is the attention of the horse. If he could achieve it, then it’s good enough.

The sharp eye of the horse glares Taichi in a straight line. He’s not even 5 meters away anymore. He’s feeling a tremendous amount of pressure.

And that moment, his knees laughed.

He hates being afraid but he hates dying more.

That is what he truly feels.

But he doesn’t feel regret at the same time.

By doing this, Kanade might survive.

It was at that moment that he thought of something.

It will be good if this will eat Taichi slowly. But he’s not a fat one so there should be the element of luck too.

He’s already throwing the towel.

Later, he’ll be part of the field. With that in mind, Taichi desperately shouts.

Hey, you fucking horse! Come on! Is your body just a decoration!?

I do not think it understands human language.

However, I think that it has the ability to understand that he’s being made fun of.

The eyes of the horse that neighs after being provoked has sharpened.

He’s betting his important “life” in order to save one.

It is not his own but he took action thinking about his important best friend.

Heaven never abandoned Taichi and Kanade.


A severe gust of wind together with a roaring sound struck the horse.

Taichi rolls on the ground without even being able to resist.

Taichi also knows that the gust of a strong typhoon can cause a sweeping accident and can topple huge trucks. A wind that equals that attacked the horse.

To such powerful wind, there was no way for a small person like Taichi to resist and he rolled a few meters.




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